Terms of use

By utilizing vsit.site website and all its tools you agree not to use it in ANY illegal manner, spread exploits, viruses, phishing pages, websites.

We constantly monitor all shortened links and remove, block links we think are suspicious, redirect users to other than the shortened URL website.

All our users who need more URL click, views tracking stats including link branding can purchase one of our packages on a monthly or yearly basis. All funds are NOT refundable. Please, make sure you know and understand what you are paying for prior to subscribing for a package. If you have questions, feel free to use our Contact US form or chat when available. We will gladly answer your questions before you pay.

Services/websites we do not accept and will remove links directing users to such:

1. Casino.

2. Phishing websites/pages.

3. Websites that do not open, not working.

4. Links redirecting users to one and more irrelevant to the domain name websites.

5. Adult content.

We reserve the right to change TOS and service prices any time without prior notice.